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Thanks in advance  for your understanding thru the construction! The website is getting a face lift! Starting with a new fresh logo and consolidating for easier navigation! I love the minimalistic approach. Also, we will be adding an in-site store for easier shopping!

New Logo Explained:

The inspiration for the new logo was 2 fold; simplicity, and focus more on the knives. I’ve had countless encounters where people automatically see the old doberman logo and ask or assume that I breed or sell puppies. While I would like to eventually do that as well, obviously knives should be the focal point!

First and foremost it is clean and very Knife Forward.  So the new logo has a paramilitary vibe lending itself to being tactical-friendly however, the knives are chef knife-esque.   To see the doberman in the logo you have to have a little imagination and — sort of— don’t look too hard!

Let me know what you guys think of the changes!

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