Wood Grain Sheep Dog Fighter

Wood Grain Sheep Dog Fighter


Generally a sheepdog is a dog or breed of dogs historically used in connection with the raising of sheep. These include livestock guardian dogs used to guard sheep and other livestock and herding dogs used to move, manage and control sheep and other livestock.

Sheepdogs are the guardians and protectors of society — those that aren’t afraid to stand up for right, even when it means going against the crowd, and have the courage to face danger and save others.

Wood Grain Richlite – a recycled synthetic material that gets grippy when wet
Parkerized blade finish
Tanto Tip
4″ Blade length
4.5″ Handle length
8.5″ overall length
1″ blade height at the heel 1.25″ including the guard
Integral guard
Hollow grinds
Full tang
Light weight

Only 1 left in stock

comes with a full size Teklok belt clip


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