Light and Black Pocket Beagle w/ kydex + belt Clip

Light and Black Pocket Beagle w/ kydex + belt Clip


Laminated g10 white black Olive drab
Antique finish
3″ Blade length
4″ Handle length
7″ overall length
7/8″ blade height at the heel 1″ including the guard
Integral guard
flat grind
Full tang
Light weight 3.5oz

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The pocket beagle is a direct descendant of the BeagleV3 only 85% of its larger relative. These are smaller than the average Beagle dog breed, these compact scenthounds are merry and fun-loving. But the Pocket Beagle is still a hound and, as such, requires patience and creative training techniques to overcome their sometimes stubborn nature.

The Beagle, in its 3rd major revision, is named aptly after the loyal hunting dog breed that is always by your side. This blade has the sharpness for any hunt or chore asked of it! This first version's tip is more in line with the handle making it apt for puncturing or dispatching game, if needed, with a more gradual roach belly blade profile and a handle angle that is dropped for extreme handling comfortability and ergonomics!

80crv2 low alloy tool steel makes for a very tough yet great edge retention blade

Blade stock is 1/8" at its thickest hardened to ~61.5 RC

Ulti Clips are all steel made in USA and can be used to clip inside of a pocket or similar

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × .675 × 1.5 in

comes with a 2.2 Ulti CLip