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2019 Blade Show is a wrap. It was very exciting for me this year! This year was the very first time Blade Show added kitchen knives to the award categories. I entered for the very first time and some how We took home the Best Kitchen Knife in show award! I will post professional photographs when they come!

The inspiration for the Extra tall Integral Gyuto is a blend of all of the positive traits i feel that an ultra high performance kitchen knife should have: thin, light, balanced. Integral forged chef knives are the quintessential test for a bladesmith’s skill level. In any case this knife will be a veggie and protein slayer. And it was fun to build!

9.25″ blade length

14.125″ Overall Length

2.5″ blade height at the heel

Laddered 320 Damascus made in house from 15n20 and 1080

5 stack of g10 spacers black and lime

exhibition grade Amboyna burl

5.5 oz total weight

Integral Damascus Chef knife