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About Me

I was born and raised in Albemarle, North Carolina, mostly by a single mother. As a result I was a late bloomer in figuring out that I had gifts for creating things with my hands. In a way, I had already desired from a very young age to cook, mostly because I very much enjoy eating as well! This path led me towards a culinary degree from Johnson and Wales: Charlotte and eventually, albeit briefly, owning my own restaurant. Owning my own restaurant was a lifetime goal for me and it actually granted me the necessity to start creating things with my hands. In restaurant life things tend to break often. As a frugal business owner I opted to repair everything myself. I had no clue how most of any of the equipment’s internal components worked– just proficient in operating them. Despite this, I was able to adapt and overcome and was pretty good at it! During this same time I became fascinated with blacksmithing.

Late one evening after my restaurant had closed for the day, I began reading my Bible. In that particular days readings I ran across a blacksmithing metaphor. In attempt to better understand the context I decided to do a brief internet search to better understand the terms. Six hours later, I’m still reading down this rabbit hole! Fast forward 3 years and I am still spending 2-3 hours minimum, per day researching in books and the web until I decide to build my own forge and try this thing out!

Interestingly enough I told my grandfather about this. To my great surprise my great-great grandfather was a full time master blacksmith! My grandpa still had his anvil and decided to give it to me! I still use this family heirloom to forge my knives on to this day!

Every person desires a purpose. As a former professional chef, when you visit people they invite you to cook for them. While preparing meals I noticed a horrifying trend at everyone’s houses! All of their knives were terrible! I had to check to see if the knife was being used upside down or not! Is this the Sharp side or the spine!? And i still couldn’t tell! So I decided from my previous life lessons that surely I could do a better job than this. I despise the use-it toss-it economy that we live in today. When I make a purchase I specifically research each product. I want the best quality that I can get. If its quality it lasts, it performs it’s job admirably, and it is a pleasure to use! Finally I have found my purpose! As a result of my practical nature, this bleeds into my knives. I want every knife to be made purposefully for a lifetime of loyal duty to some lucky owner. Do your job with excellence and last as long as the one special knife that my grandparents had (that was actually sharp)! That’s what i ask of all of my knives.

Prior to my culinary school venture I served 4 years active duty in the United States Marine Corps. In addition to my brief military career specializing in communications and my culinary degree; I also have Welding technology degree. Strangely enough this apparently disjointed category of studies lends itself well to a knife maker who also makes kitchen knives.